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Mitochondrial and Cardiovascular Physiopathology | UMR Inserm U1083 - CNRS 6015

Separated by coma

Sedentariness, environmental conditions and vascular remodelling

Marc Antoine Custaud, PU-PH (macustaud @


M.A. Custaud PU-PH,

P.M. Roy PU-PH,

J.O. Fortrat MCU-PH,

N. Navasiolava PhD.

Sedentariness is among the most important behavioral risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Because fighting gravity requires daily physical efforts, exposure to microgravity is associated with enhanced physical inactivity . Microgravity and its long-term simulations– bed rest, head-down bed rest (HDBR), and dry immersion—offer unique models for studying the effects of global physical inactivity in healthy individuals.
Inactivity, with decrease in resting blood blow and chronic decrease in shear stress, is associated with remodeling of conduit arteries and functional impairment of small vessels at lower limb level. Conduit arteries undergo structural (decrease in diameter, increase in IMT, decrease in compliance) and functional (no change or decrease in endothelial (FMD) and smooth muscle (nitroglycerin reactivity) changes, whereas resistive arteries undergo increase in vascular resistance and endothelial impairment. Venous properties at the leg level are also changed, with compliance increases and venous emptying capacities are impaired.
Vascular changes are closely linked to a syndrome of cardiovascular deconditioning to gravity and to physical exercise and are associated to an increase of the vascular risk.

Our aim is to

  • Continue to study the mechanisms of endothelial dysfunction in humans induced by sedentariness with a specific emphasis on circulating factors and on the link between endothelial functions, platelet functions and leucocyte functions.
  • Develop new tools in order to study venous functions
  • Perform integrative studies of vascular functions (arterial side, microcirculation side, venous side and arterio-venous reflex) at the leg level in humans subject to enhanced physical inactivity.
  • Test new countermeasures and combination of countermeasures based on artificial gravity and physical exercise to prevent cardiovascular deconditioning
  • Promote the use of the dry immersion program for research (as model of enhanced physical inactivity and of weightlessness) and therapeutics.

International collaborations

  • Dublin City University, Ireland
  • IBMP : Institute of biomedical problems, Moscow, Russia
  • ACC : Chinese astronautic center, Beijing, China

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