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Mitochondrial and Cardiovascular Physiopathology | UMR Inserm U1083 - CNRS 6015

Separated by coma

UMR INSERM U1083 - CNRS 6015

MITOVASC was founded from the association of several groups sharing common scientific goals, which are to provide better understanding of the interactions between the small arteries controlling blood flow supply and the contribution of mitochondria to cell metabolism.

We are developing common projects in these 2 main domains of the unit, cardiovascular and mitochondrial physiopathology, in order to foster innovative results and develop rational novel therapeutic targets. The 2 main topics of the unit are divided into several tasks ranging from clinical to fundamental researches.

Practically, the unit is made up of 2 teams: 

  • Team 1 led by Guy Lenaers, working on mitochondrial pathophysiology (MITOLAB, CSS3 – INSERM and sections 24 – CNRS)
  • Team 2 led by Daniel Henrion, working on cardiovascular pathophysiology (CARME, CSS3 – INSERM and section 24 – CNRS)

In order to strengthen translational researches in the unit, the MitoVasc unit promotes strong interactions with MDs from the University Hospital of Angers. Indeed, the research strategy developed by the unit is based on a “bedside to bench to bedside” continuum. In order to improve interactions between teams, we have organized our technological support into platforms, which help interactions within MitoVasc and are accessible to other teams outside MitoVasc (see our collaborations).