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MitoVasc : physiopathologie cardiovasculaire et mitochondriale

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    Clinical research articles

    Clinical research articles

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    • 1. Abraham P, Bourgeau M, Camo M, Humeau-Heurtier A, Durand S, Rousseau P, and Mahe G. Effect of skin temperature on skin endothelial function assessment. Microvasc Res 88: 56-60.
    • 2. Abraham P, Mateus V, Bieuzen F, Ouedraogo N, Cisse F, and Leftheriotis G. Calf muscle stimulation with the Veinoplus device results in a significant increase in lower limb inflow without generating limb ischemia or pain in patients with peripheral artery disease. Journal of vascular surgery 57: 714-719.
    • 3. Bruneau A, Feuilloy M, Dussaussoy C, Gagnadoux F, Leftheriotis G, and Abraham P. The walking-induced transient hack concept is valid & relies on a transient early-exercise hypoxemia. PLoS One 8: e62651, 2013.
    • 4. Hamza R, Abraham P, Caroff J, and Mahe G. A rare pathognomonic sign of extracranial vertebral dissection. Journal of vascular surgery 58: 1398, 2013.
    • 5. Humeau-Heurtier A, Abraham P, and Mahe G. Linguistic analysis of laser speckle contrast images recorded at rest and during biological zero: comparison with laser Doppler flowmetry data. IEEE Trans Med Imaging, 2013.
    • 6. Humeau-Heurtier A, Guerreschi E, Abraham P, and Mahe G. Relevance of laser Doppler and laser speckle techniques for assessing vascular function: state of the art and future trends. IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 60: 659-666, 2013.
    • 7. Humeau-Heurtier A, Mahe G, Durand S, and Abraham P. Multiscale entropy study of medical laser speckle contrast images. IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 60: 872-879, 2013.
    • 8. Ouedraogo N, Barbeau C, Legrand M, Marchand J, Leftheriotis G, and Abraham P. "Routine" arterial echo-Doppler is not sufficient to exclude an arterial origin of exercise-induced proximal lower limb pain. Int J Cardiol 167: 1053-1054, 2013.
    • 9. Ouedraogo N, Chanut M, Aubourg M, Le Hello C, Hidden V, Audat G, Harbonnier M, and Abraham P. Development and evaluation of the Walking Estimated-Limitation Calculated by History questionnaire in patients with claudication. Journal of vascular surgery 58: 981-988, 2013.
    • 10. Picquet J, Paumier A, Maugin E, Papon X, Enon B, and Abraham P. The role of the deep femoral artery in the treatment of thigh claudication in case of hypogastric occlusion. Ann Vasc Surg 27: 474-479, 2013.
    • 11. Prunier F, Terrien G, Le Corre Y, Apana AL, Biere L, Kauffenstein G, Furber A, Bergen AA, Gorgels TG, Le Saux O, Leftheriotis G, and Martin L. Pseudoxanthoma elasticum: cardiac findings in patients and Abcc6-deficient mouse model. PLoS One 8: e68700, 2013.
    • 12. Puissant C, Abraham P, Durand S, Humeau-Heurtier A, Faure S, Leftheriotis G, Rousseau P, and Mahe G. Reproducibility of non-invasive assessment of skin endothelial function using laser Doppler flowmetry and laser speckle contrast imaging. PLoS One 8: e61320, 2013.
    • 13. Schmidt-Tanguy A, Voswinkel J, Henrion D, Subra JF, Loufrani L, Rohmer V, Ifrah N, and Belizna C. Antithrombotic effects of hydroxychloroquine in primary antiphospholipid syndrome patients. J Thromb Haemost 11: 1927-1929, 2013.
    • 14. Tew G, Copeland R, Le Faucheur A, Gernigon M, Nawaz S, and Abraham P. Feasibility and validity of self-reported walking capacity in patients with intermittent claudication. Journal of vascular surgery 57: 1227-1234, 2013.