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MitoVasc : physiopathologie cardiovasculaire et mitochondriale

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    Director : Marc-Antoine CUSTAUD

    photo Marc-Antoine Custaud

    TELEVASC  offers a web-service innovative solution for ultrasound images and vascular signal analysis. Our team has acquired an expertise in vascular images analysis and proposes extraction and  quantification of different vascular variables from images (ultrasounds, MRI,...) and signals (ECG, blood pressure,..). Currently, our service offers analysis tools for the Intima Media Thickness (IMT) and arterial stiffeness indices (arterial compliance, beta stiffness, Young's modulus,...), both recognized as vascular ageing surrogate epidemiological markers in the medical and scientific literature. These indices, coupled with the Framingham score, contribute to better determine the individual impact of atherosclerosis, the leading disease in the civilized world. Use of these indices in the clinical practice will contribute to improve the diagnosis, follow-up and prognosis for the patient.

    In parallel to the image and signal analysis service, we offer the opportunity for storage of images and related databases. Your data are kept safe and secure via an encoding client software that can be download on our website.

    One major advantage of our web-service relies on regular updates of our algorithms and methods. on issue of a new update the whole image bank can be re-processed automatically (on client's behalf) in order to give a permanently updated and revised version of the database. Compared to off-line standard image analysis softwares, TELEVASC provides evolutivity and standardization of your measurements.

    TELEVASC enables to free you from costs linked to the maintenance and upgrade of off-line softwares. Our services propose multiple invoice formula, from pay-per-use up to yearly subscriptions.

    We also proposes a custom-made service enabling the analysis 'jobbing' images on customer's specification.