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MitoVasc : physiopathologie cardiovasculaire et mitochondriale

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    CARFI CARdiovascular Function In vitro



    Platform for the investigation of vascular reactivity


    Numerous platforms offer cardiovascular studies with ultrasound analysis, histological or biochemical measurements. Much less offer analysis of vascular functions large artery such as the aorta and none offers functional study of the small resistance arteries. Thus, based on the expertise of BNMI in the analysis of vascular function in resistance arteries we have mounted a plateform for vascular exploration of small arteries: analysis of vascular reactivity in vitro and in vivo with 3 axes.

    •    Vascular functions and structure in small animals (mice and rats):

    •  Analysis of vascular functions and structure in animal models of human diseases 

    •  Use of endothelium-dependent dilatation as a test for the study of antioxidant and antidiabetic substances (actually plants extracts and derivatives).


    •  Vascular functions and structure in human small blood vessels:

    •  Analysis of vascular functions (endothelium and smooth muscle) and structure

    •  Inclusion of tissues and data in the local data base (CRB)


    • Vascular phenotyping of the whole kidney:

    • Analysis of vascular functions (endothelium and smooth muscle) and structure.

    • Analysis of the effuent (ELISA / cytokines, NOx measurements…etc)


    daniel.henrion @ univ-angers.fr

    Research topics

    Research / expertise topics

    CARFI aims to provide standardized high-quality data on vascular reactivity in vitro.


    Technology available:

    • Telemetry for rats and mice (DSI)
    • Tail cuff for rats and mice (DSI)
    • Arterial catheterisation technique for invasing monitoring (blood pressure, Millar)
    • Flowmeter transonic for arterial blood flow measurements  in arteries in vivo (Emka)
    • Pressure myograph (LSI, Burlington, VT)
    • Four-channel wire myograph (Danis Myotech, DK)






    Service delivery

    In vivo experiments :


    • Tail cuff blood pressure measurement:

    This simple method is realized on vigils animals, slightly constrained. This simple method of reference is to determine the minimum pressure against able to stop arterial blood flow by inflating a cuff around the tail. This non-invasive method for examining animals without an anesthetic effect and repeating experiments many times as necessary during the protocol.




    • Telemetry:

    Telemetry allows measuring parameters such as systolic and diastolic pressure or heart rate on awake, mobile animals in their cages through a lead implanted subcutaneously. This technology allows evaluating several physiological signals without disturbing the animal and over a period of a few days to some months.



    Flow meter (Transonnic Emka): This is the method of reference forblood flow measurement on anesthetized animal.



    Ex vivo experiments :

     A group of six pressure-arteriographs and five four-channel wire myographs is dedicated to the in vitro study of endothelial and muscular functions in isolated arteries. This facility is open to all members of the laboratory and to other laboratory in France and abroad. Vascular reactivity is investigated after in vivo measurement of the main cardiovascular parameters (blood pressure using tail cuff or telemetry, local blood flow using Transonic probes). Vascular reactivity is performed on vascular samples (from aorta to resistance arteries 100µm wide).


    • Pressure myography:

    • Flow mediated dilation
    • Myogenic tone
    • Remodeling parameters


    • Four channel wire myograph :

    Wire Myograph Systems are used to measure force in small rings of muscle tissue. The smallest possible diameter is about 60 microns :

    •  Vascular smooth muscle function
    • Vascular endothelium function
    • Length-tension relationships
    • Wall tension & morphometric measurements
    • Assessment of pharmacological reactivity  and electric stimulation






    • Organ bath :

    Pressure-flow relationship  and assessment of pharmacology on isolated and perfused Kidney and on isolated and perfused mesenteric bed.





    Industrial partnerships

    Publications involving CARFI  technology:


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