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MitoVasc : physiopathologie cardiovasculaire et mitochondriale

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    Marie Chabbert

    • Multiprocessor server (NEC)
    • 3D graphic workstation (NuVision)
    Programs for molecular graphics, modeling and dynamics:
    • Pymol, 
    • MODELLER, 
    • CHARMM, 
    • DelPhi
    Programs for structural analysis:
    • Prochek, 
    • Profile3D, 
    • HBPLUS, 
    • Naccess, DSSP
    Home-built programs: 
    • Structural analysis of helical distortions (Helix-Xn-Helix motifs) 
    • Analysis of sequence space by multidimensional scaling (MDS)

    Database of class A GPCRs:
    1. species : N. vectensisC. elegansC. intestinalisD. rerioD. melanogasterG. gallus,  M. musculusH. sapiens
      Non-redundant sets with aligned sequences